Uglem Law PC represents owners of North Dakota mineral interests to properly title their oil and gas rights.

The technological advancement of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing in the Bakken formation in North Dakota has dramatically increased the drilling activity in North Dakota in recent years.  The Oil boom has resulted in a significant number of resident and non-resident mineral owners leasing their rights to oil and gas companies.  Landmen serve the oil companies by reviewing property records and obtaining signatures on leases from the identified owners or their decedents.  Thereafter, attorneys for the oil companies issue mineral title opinions noting any requirements that must be satisfied before a mineral owner’s share of revenue should be paid out.

Quite often, the title to the minerals or royalty interests was never transferred from the names of parents, grandparents, or other relatives who acquired the title years ago.  Therefore, in order to ensure payments are made to the proper individuals, the oil companies then inform the heirs that curative action must be taken, such as through the filing of a probate proceeding in the relevant court and documents with the county recorder.

There are various probate proceedings used to vest title in the names of the present owners depending upon whether or not there was a will, how many years have passed since death, whether a probate proceeding was previously open in North Dakota or in another state, and whether the decedent was a resident or non-resident.

Uglem Law PC is experienced in all necessary probate and real estate filings for North Dakota Oil, Gas and Minerals owners.  Further, we are able to advise and assist mineral owners in the formation and funding of trusts, LLC’s or other entities to hold and better manage the investments and meet their estate planning goals.

Please contact Uglem Law PC to set up a time to discuss the services that we provide to the owners of North Dakota oil, gas and other mineral interests.