Spirit Water Inn Resort Real Estate Liquidation

The owner of the Sprit Water Inn Resort properties in Minnewaukan, North Dakota is selling his diverse real estate holdings.  This includes two houses, three properties with a total of 28 rental units, RV lots, and the old school.


Minnewaukan is a small community located on the west edge of Devils Lake, which is known for its walleye, perch and northern pike fishing.  The area is also popular for waterfowl and whitetail deer hunting.  Please visit www.spiritwaterinn.com for property photos as well as photos of the fishing and hunting successes of former guests.


Owners Stephen Chase has retained Uglem Law PC to represent him in these sales.  Please communicate all offers to attorney Shannon Uglem. 


1. Helberg Lodge – 411 Main St E


This is a one-of-a-kind property with a beautiful 1957 design.It has around 2500 square feet with stone walls and many windows, several of which have views facing the lake.The kitchen and bath contain original 1950’s tile, and the house is furnished with handsome furniture, two fireplaces, a wall library, a musical organ, and impressive fish and animal mounts/skins.This is a must-see propertt.Photos at: http://www.spiritwaterinn.com/services/helberg-lodge-8646.html


2. Spirit Water House – 310 B St


This spacious two-story house is around 100 years old.It is a solid structure with plaster walls, a metal roof and areas where the original wood floors have been restored.To bring it into prime condition the house would require an exterior painting and attention to certain interior wear and tear.The Sprit Water House would make for a good single-family residence, a fishing/hunting retreat, or a cash-generating rental property.


3. Red Cottages – 15 units at 201 D Ave S & Redd Cottages – 6 units at the 200 block of C Ave S


These units lettered A – F on the 6 unit building and G – U on the 15 unit building are single story units build in a row.Each are approximately 600 square feet build with concrete block walls between each unit.The condition varies and several units require work.A laundry area is contained in the 15 unit structure.All cabins have kitchens and with proper management and repairs to several units, these properties could generate strong rental income from either seasonal guests or long-term tenants.


4. Whitetail Hideout – 420 Main St E


This 7 Unit L-Shaped 1 story building is a short distance from the water.The structure was built in the 1970 and could use some work to improve or update its appearance.The property has and still does generate revenue from renters.


5. RV Lots – corner of 6th St E and C Ave


This property has a couple trailers and RV’s generating income and may allow for additional tenants to add to that income.


6. Old Minnewaukan School – 200 D Ave S


The city built a new school outside of town and Stephen acquired the old school.There was some contemplation about a restaurant, a community center, and other uses.It is currently vacant.